Uninstall App

To uninstall our app, please go to your Shopify Store admin – “Apps” section – find “Search and Filter” and click the “Delete” button on the right.

How to delete all the Search and Filter code

Installation of our Search and Filter app automatically injects certain code snippets into your Shopify theme in order to make the installation process fully automatic and make our app work fast and smoothly.

Unfortunately, when you uninstall Search and Filter, we lose programmatic access to your store, thus we cannot remove the code snippets that we injected automatically.

Although these code snippets that we add do not harm your store even after the uninstallation process, you might want to remove them anyway, the following guide will walk you through this process.

Step 1: Go to “Online store” in your Shopify Admin Panel > On your “Current theme” select “Actions” -> “Edit Code”.

Step 2: Enter “ets_fs” on the search box to find all the app’s files.

Step 3: In the “Snippets” folder: delete all files containing the prefix “ets_fs“.

Step 4: In the “Assets” folder: delete all files containing the prefix “ets_fs“.