A sitemap is a way of organizing a website, identifying the URLs and the data under each section. Sitemap can be submitted to Google, Bing, and other search engines to help them crawl your website better and allow website visitors to easily navigate on your site.

SEO Audit generates a sitemap containing sub-sitemaps to all your pages without cronjob. It also provides a sitemap for each language if your website has multi-language mode. You can customize sitemap settings to satisfy your requirements.

Limit items: you can set a limited number of sites for each item. This is a dynamic sitemap, so when you add any new sites (new products, for example), the app will automatically update to the sitemap. However, you must ensure that the website you just added does not exceed the limit items. If the number of sites per item exceeds the limit items, you need to reset and increase the limit items to display enough sites on the sitemap.

In addition, if you want to add a site that is not in the choice list, you can add it to the sitemap by clicking “Add URL” then entering the URL and the site’s name. Click “Save” and you’ve done!