Other settings

1. Pricing plan

Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the appropriate plan. We offer both free and premium plans.

With the free plan, there will be some limitations on the types of forms, mail services or the number of attachments stored, etc. And the premium plan will support all the features that we have just introduced in this document.

Alternatively, you can choose Annually Premium or Monthly Premium. With Annually Premium, you can save $12.

The terms and conditions of each version are clearly listed in the “Plan” section. Navigate to “Plan” on the sidebar to get more details.

2. Help

If you have any problem using the app, you can navigate to “Help” on the sidebar to contact the web developer. We are happy to support you solve the problems related to this app whenever you need it.

3. Document

Click on “Document” to open this app documentation when needed.